OSSB Residential Program

The mission of the OSSB Residential Program is

The Ohio State School for the Blind residential program provides students with a supportive, nurturing living environment to be their ‘home away from home’, while also nurturing and encouraging student participation in extracurricular and recreational activities. Living within these settings allows students to develop the skills they will need successfully to meet the challenges in an ever-changing world. They learn skills such as daily living skills, social skills, shopping, cooking, time and money management, light housekeeping and community living.

Residential students enjoy a wide variety of on-and off-campus recreational activities to promote healthy, active lifestyles. Extra-curricular activities on campus such as sports, band and the after-school program are popular options among students. Participation in recreational events both on off-campus are optional but encouraged. The many activities provide students with real-life opportunities to experience, develop and master functional life skills and to encourage the discrete levels of social interaction. Monthly recreation calendars are developed by staff and students in each dorm.

The residential program is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable youth leaders, one supervisor on each shift and a director to oversee the operation of the program. Youth Leaders provide supervision and guidance to the residential students. Each Youth Leader serves as the residential advocate for several students in their dorm. They administer individual residential assessments each fall and develop goals and objectives for Individualized Residential Programs—similar to IEP’s—based on the unique needs of each student.

We here at The Ohio State School for the Blind take pride in the opportunity for students to not only grow academically but also build friendships, expand their skills, and experience the surrounding communities outside of the school day.

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