Related Services Department

Here at The Ohio State School for the Blind we provide a wide range of services for our students. Services include, Orientation and Mobility, Student Health Services, Physical Therapy, Counseling, and Speech Therapy. Visit each respective page to learn more about each of our Related Services.

Orientation and Mobility

The goal of Orientation and Mobility (O&M) at the Ohio State School for the Blind,, "to provide a sequence of multi-sensory experiences so students can master the skills and develop 'real world' concepts necessary for their growth and maturation. These will gradually allow pupils to take responsibility for their own safety and cope with the life-long challenge of traveling independently, with limited or no sight in an ever-changing set of environments."

The teaching of O&M skills necessary to become a safe and independent traveler requires a great deal of instructional time and it necessitates a one-to-one student/instructor ratio. Instruction is best when spread out over the educational career of a student, beginning in the early elementary years and continuing through high school. Being able to travel independently is a key element in the employment of persons who are blind or visually impaired. All lessons are geared towards the individualized needs of each student, as indicated in the individualized education plan (IEP), with careful consideration given to long-term outcomes.

The O&M staff at OSSB is currently comprised of three ACVREP Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists and one Activity Therapist. These four individuals serve the entire student population in various capacities. Early elementary and students with multiple impairments receive a variety of sensory stimulation and pre-mobility activities in both group and one-to-one settings with our activity therapist. The independent travel phase of instruction is provided by the O&M instructors in typical residential, small and medium business areas, rural areas and complex downtown business districts, including the use of public transportation.

For more information please contact the Orientation and Mobility Staff:

Phil Northrop
Michelle Johnson
Rachel Smith
Shelley McCoy
Mary Swartwout