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Message from Dr. Maynus

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2019-2020 Draft Organizational Chart

2019-2020 Draft Organizational Chart
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Eagles Donation

Dr. Al LaBarre, man in red suit, Michelle Wagner, lady in baby blue dress and Dr. Lou Maynus accepting checks from Fraternal Order of EaglesThanksThanks

In August, Dr. Lou Maynus, Dr. Al LaBarre, and Michelle Wagner accepted donations from the Fraternal Order of Eagles on behalf of OSSB.


Phil Northrop's last day before retirement

Lou and Phil and Ron chatting
On his last day before retirement, OSSB O&M specialist Phil Northrop helped 
Superintendent Dr. Lou Maynus experience what it was like to be blind. 
Here, Mr. Northrop and Dr. Maynus stop to talk with teacher Ron Heath.


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