Administrative and Staff Contacts

Main Line: 1-800-310-3317
Attendance Office: 614-752-1359

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    Phone Fax
Superintendent Lou Maynus 614-678-1556 614-995-3448
Assistant Superintendent / Director of Auxiliary Services Alison LaBarre 614-679-2854 614-752-1713
Principal Michelle Wagner 614-468-8887 614-468-8888
Residential/Health Daniel Custer 614-728-1420 614-644-8530
Education Evaluation Clinic Patti Miller 614-752-1374 614-752-1504

Department Coordinators

Elementary Cecelia Peirano
High School Erica Bardon
Multi-Disabled Elizabeth Young-Dove
Physical Education Alison Brewer | Lisa Lyle Henry
Music Education/Therapy Yolanda Johnson
Student Records Debbie Grim
STEP Tami Fisher
Related Services Rae Ann Brown
Technology Kim Picard

Related Services

Guidance Counselor Debbie Grim
Occupational Therapy Donna Kortyka
Orientation and Mobility Cathern King | Rachel Smith | Mary Swartwout | Shelley McCoy | Jennifer Remeis
Physical Therapy Rae Ann Brown
School Psychologist Jennifer Weis
Speech and Hearing Emily Russell | Chris Ross
Library/Media Center Sunny Kallstrom
Transition Coordinator Tami Fisher

Support Services

Administrative Support Michelle Tolle
Business Office Chris Wells
Facilities Danny Ransey
Food Services
William Gallaer
Transportation Michelle Wagner
Parent Mentor Lauri Kaplan
Information Technology / Tech Support OSDB Tech Support
Communications / Media Relations Erin Biehl