Library News

April/May 2018 Library News

Spring has sprung at OSSB, and everyone is happy about it!

The trees and bushes around the grounds are starting to put forth buds and blooms, and you can hear and smell the Earth waking up and the sounds of new life-Spring has arrived! This month will find our students reading about April Fools’ Day, Easter, Passover, Gardening, and Earth Day, which falls on Sunday April 22. 

This April finds the Elementary Book Club is well along in its final book of the year titled THE BADGER KNIGHT by Kathryn Erskine.  This has been a fun read, and I am looking forward to hearing what the students thought about it when we have finished-which shall be on April 11.   Mrs. Brown is busy plotting on the title her book club students will be starting in September.  Before we all know it, we will be back and getting ready to start reading again 

The month of May will find us ending our school year talking about Gardening, Mother’s Day, the season of summer, and Summer Vacation plans.  As always, there are many end of the year activities throughout the school coming up this month, as well as planning for Graduation on Friday, May 25. 

Parents, with Summer Break fast approaching us, it would be a good time to call up the Ohio Library for the Blind and update your reader’s profile for Braille and Talking books. Also, if you are unsure of your child’s level, please contact their teacher-they would be happy to let you know what level your child is reading and listening at.  For parents of print readers, please be sure to take a good look at your local public library! 

 Many public libraries now belong to large sharing consortiums, so if you have a large print reader, chances are; they can obtain materials for you.  This also applies to downloading e-books and audio books-you can download books onto i-Pads, Kindles, mp3 players, into computer hard drives (helpful to have speech software!) or onto flash drives to play on the Digital Talking Book machines.

 Please also look into downloading the BARD app on your child’s cell phone-do visit the Library Media Center’s main page to link into the BARD tutorials on YouTube, they can be very helpful in learning how to use this technology.    Please also see the main library page for web connections to different agencies that can help you obtain materials for your child.  If this is new territory for you, do not fear-your public libraries are happy to lead you through this process-it’s not hard.  This technology is fast changing-so be sure to stay connected with your public library to see what they have to offer.

Please be sure to have your student read this summer.  A brain that stays active by reading and engaging in learning is a brain that is ready to come back to school in the fall!  


As always, if you have any questions please call me at 614-468-8857 or email me at

Have a safe and happy Summer Break! 
Janell Brown

Ohio State School for the Blind Librarian