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October 2018 Library News

Autumn has arrived, and we are all transitioning to it well here in the library.  This October will find us reading about:  Fall, Pumpkins, Fire Safety, and Halloween.   This is a beautiful time of year on the Ohio State School for the Blind campus, as we have many beautiful trees and shrubs that give us an astounding show of color. 

Our Book Club is well on its way through The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill and they are enjoying it.  Please feel free to read along with us, or listen to it.  We hope to finish the book by the second week of October and then start on our next book-a story I fell in love with last year and recently purchased for our library-Saving Wonder by Mary Knight. Having lost most of his family to coal mining accidents as a little boy, Curley Hines lives with his grandfather in the Appalachian Mountains of Wonder Gap, Kentucky. Ever since Curley can remember, Papaw has been giving him a word each week to learn and live. Papaw says words are Curley’s way out of the holler, even though Curley has no intention of leaving. When a new coal boss takes over the local mine, life is turned upside down. Does Curley use his words to speak out against Big Coal and save his mountain, or does he remain silent and save his way of life?

It is also the time of year when Mrs. Brown is beginning to consider stories for our special holiday book chats with the Ohio Library for the Blind.  More information will come on this during the November/December Library News.  The holiday book chats are done in December in lieu of the regular Book Club and are for all of our elementary aged children.

For those of you who have sent in applications for your children to receive Braille Books and or Talking Book services through the Ohio Library for the Blind-Thank You!  These services are a wonderful supplement for your child’s education.  If you received a machine but are not getting tapes/books in the mail, please call the Ohio Library for the Blind at 1-800-362-1262 to make inquiries.

Remember to send those jackets and sweatshirts to school with your students-while autumn is beautiful, it can also get chilly while you are snuggling with a book! Also, please do not forget that if you have any questions regarding library services, please call me at 1-614-468-8857 or email me at


Janell A. Brown
OSSB Librarian