Educational Assessment Clinic

The Ohio State School for the Blind conducts a weekly educational assessment clinic for students who are visually impaired, with or without additional disabilities. These services are offered to residents of Ohio ages three through twenty-one. The assessment is free of charge and will provide assessment information and suggested interventions regarding the student’s educational needs in order to assist the local school district in completing the Evaluation Team Report, determining eligibility and the most appropriate educational services.

Appointments are made upon receipt of a completed referral packet, which includes consent of the Superintendent, or designee, from the student's school district of residence. Required forms also include information from the child's parent, teacher, physician, related service providers, and eye care specialist. Referral applications are processed and an appointment date is sent to the contact person within the school district who has accepted responsibility for the referral. A photocopy of the appointment letter is mailed to the parent.

Referral packet may be obtained by clicking the link below

Educational Assessment Packet

If you have any questions/concerns please contact:

Patti Miller
The Ohio State School for the Blind
5220 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43214