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Participation in athletics plays an important role in the development of the students. Young men and women have the opportunity to compete in track, swimming, wrestling, and cheerleading. Competition is scheduled with other schools for students with visual impairments with a sixteen-state conference. Dual meets, triangular meets, and the annual conference tournament sponsored by the North Central Association of Schools for the Blind (NCASB) provide students with many valuable athletic, social, and educational experiences. Academic eligibility requires a year-to-date 2.0 GPA for participation.

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Wrestling 2016-17

OSSB Wrestling 2016-2017This year's OSSB Panther wrestling team was 9 strong. We began our season in November. We traveled to Tennessee to compete in a 10 team tournament. We also hosted a day meet at our place and traveled to Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired for a day meet. The finale of the season took place in Louisville, Ky at the Kentucky School for Blind where the panthers "finished strong" in 3rd place.

This years team members:

This year, Caiden, Ryan and Thomas were able to practice some with The Whetstone braves wrestling team. This experience was invaluable and we thank head coach Tom Jones and the Braves for having us down for a few practices. We concluded our season with a pizza victory celebration get together with the cheerleaders. A special thanks to the cheerleaders, their coaches, our assistant coach Ron Heath. Our seniors this year are Asia, Ryan and Thomas. While we continue to build the future of panther athletics, we wish them good luck and all the best as they go out and build their future. Go Panthers and "finish strong."

Varsity Cheerleading 2016-17

OSSB Varsity Cheerleading 2016-2017The 2016-17 Cheerleading season was a huge success! We were happy to welcome back our returning cheerleaders and enjoyed having new students participate. The cheerleaders came to practice every day ready to work hard and have a TON of fun. This year the cheerleaders traveled to Tennessee, Indiana, hosted a day meet here at OSSB , and competed in our national conference in Kentucky! Members of the Varsity Squad this year include Leeann Nichols, Aujanee Bland, Anna Herrera, Kayla Garland, Autum Radcliff, and co-captains Connie Macrides and Sophia Larick. Members of this year’s pep-squad were Laiken Smith, Alex Schroeder, Casey Campbell, Chantel Reed, and Taylor Harding. The cheerleaders showed their Panther pride cheering on the wrestlers throughout the season, and did a wonderful job representing OSSB at the national conference. Captain Sophia Larick competed for the title of Outstanding Cheerleader and took home second place!

Coach Rachel Bailey and Assistant Coach Denise Reed are very proud of the cheerleaders and want to congratulate them on all of their accomplishments this season.


The cheerleading program consists of 3 squads: Varsity Squad (7-12), Pep Squad (7-12), and Pee Wee Squad (K-6), to support and cheer on the Wrestling Panthers. The OSSB cheer season begins with tryouts for Varsity and Pep Squads (and “Raja” the Mascot and Manager positions) the first week of November and ends with the NCASB Competition at the end of January. Varsity Squad practices 2-3 times a week to learn sidelines and a complete cheer and dance routine, competing in 2-3 meets throughout the winter season. Pep Squad practices once a week learning sideline cheers and creating spirit items. They participate with the Varsity Squad during home meets and scrimmages, along with the NCASB send-off pep rally.

The Pee Wee Squad season begins the first week of February (anyone may participate) and culminates in the Pee Wee Sports Meet (swimming, wrestling, and cheerleading) at the beginning of March. Practices occur after school 1-2 times a week to learn sideline cheers and a short cheer and dance routine. All participants must be in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or higher).

We are very proud of our Braille Cheer, courtesy of Mrs. Patricia Wilson (2009):
Dot 6, Dot 6, OSSB.
We’re Ohio As You Can See.
We Got The Stuff And We Are Tough.
Dot 6, Dot 6, OSSB!

To check out OSSB’s most recent NCASB ranking, please visit:



High School (7-12) students may participate in forensics (public speaking). Competition occurs in the spring of the school year and is scheduled with teams from other state schools for students with visual impairments. Academic eligibility requires a 2.0 GPA for participation.

Goalball Teams

Dear Panther Fans:

The 2016 goalball season was exciting.  The OSSB goalball panthers participated in three goalball meets.  We traveled to Kentucky and Tennessee and held our NCASB conference in St. Louis, at Missouri School for the Blind.  The boys team finished fifth and the girls finished sixth.

OSSB Goalball TeamWe got to see students grow and mature on and off of the court.  They worked hard and were dedicated to becoming stronger individuals and increase the overall power of the team.  All of our athletes met or surpassed their personal goals.  We look forward to having another outstanding season in 2017.

Aiden Carter is a hard worker, always showing up to practice ready to go.  He contributed very much to the team with his enthusiastic attitude, and scoring a goal at the Kentucky day meet.  Cameron Conant has grown incredibly and worked hard during this goalball season and has placed specific focus on his running abilities. Awat Rage also did very well in practice and the Kentucky day meet.  He learned about making good choices to create great outcomes. Jason Tolle was one of the new faces on the varsity team.  He grew a lot this year and continues to focus on his strengths in anticipation of next season!  Caiden Hooks is very methodical in his approach to playing goalball.  He has set a goal to increase the power of his throw.  Caiden made some tremendous blocks this season.  Alex Crawford is always prepared when it is game time.  He did whatever was asked of him and always gave it his best.  Thomas Alfred worked hard all season.  He wanted to continue to specialize his skills and worked to master his skip throw this season. This hard work paid off and led to many goals for the Panthers.  Ryan Chandler led the team this year as center. He distributed the ball well and played a vital role in helping younger team members learn the rules of the game. His leadership was appreciated.  Our most valuable player Brandon Mason did whatever needed to be done.  His goals were to make the A squad or play center on the B squad.  Brandon was able to do both this year.

OSSB Women Goalball TeamFor the Women’s Goal Ball Team, we welcomed three new players! These new members  joined the veterans Yaqi, Maggie and Autum. Asia provided power at left wing, while Sarah excelled at right wing. Maggie was a key player in this group leading the Panthers to top quality play during games! Lalita provided scoring ability with those quiet balls she is so good at throwing. Our MVP and captain, Yaqi provided leadership, encouragement, knowledge and skill to a young developing team. Thanks girls for a great season!                                
To celebrate the many successes of the season, the goalball teams had a pizza party at OSSB.

Dan Kelley and Kim Picard

OSSB Goalball Meet with Indiana and Kentucky from 10/29

Goalball is a team sport played exclusively by the visually impaired. The object of the game is to roll a ball which contains bells past the opposing team. There are two teams of 3 players which alternate rolling and defending. The offensive team rolls the ball in a manner that is either hard or soft, depending upon player style, in an attempt to get the ball past the opposing three players. The defensive team listens for the approach of the ball and attempts to prevent or block the ball from crossing the goal line. The ball is rolled back and forth with the offensive and defensive team alternating until time expires for the half. The game is played in two five or seven minute periods and the team with the most points wins. There are women's and men's teams with no variations in equipment or rules. Academic eligibility requires a 2.0 GPA for participation


High School (7-12) students may participate in swimming. Competition occurs in the spring of the school year and is scheduled with teams from other state schools for students with visual impairments. Academic eligibility requires a 2.0 GPA for participation.


Track and Field 2016

OSSB 2016 Track and Field Team Picture

Girl's Team Coach's Letter

The end of the Track season has arrived! I hope the season included fun memories of friends, learning new events, faster times, longer jumps, further throws and many smiles and happy stories to share. This group has been a pleasure to work with!

We started off our season with a meet in Nashville against the Tennessee School for the Blind, Kentucky School for the Blind, Arkansas School for the Blind and Missouri School for the Blind. At this meet a new school record in the Girls Shot Put was recorded. Asia Quinones-Evans threw 20’1”. Congratulations Asia!

The following week we hosted a dual meet between Indiana and saw improvement with our athletes all around. Last weekend we travelled to Indianapolis where both teams performed well. Both coaches were very proud of the track team accomplishments. After winning the NCSB Sportsmanship award last year it was our turn to choose a replacement. We passed along the Team Spirit Award to Arkansas.

The girls team was small, but mighty this year! The team was led by Senior captain Asia Quinones-Evans. Varsity Letters were earned by many girls this season. I was impressed with the team earning 101 points in our first meet and consistently giving 100% effort, even when they were sick or injured. This was an excellent group of girls who have talent and are strong. I can’t wait for next year! This spring we are planning on participating in the 5K Girls on the Run Race for fun! More information to come!

Thank you for supporting our student-athletes as they embarked on a fabulous track season. We are so proud of all that the Panthers accomplished this season! We look forward to seeing everyone next fall!


Laura Shearer

Boy's Team Coach's Letter

The Ohio State School for the Blind Boys Track team enjoyed another successful season marked by some record setting performances. Some season highlights and noteworthy proclamations include:

It has been a pleasure and privilege to coach these young men who have not only improved their physical skills, but gradually united to pool their strengths and personalities into one cohesive team where spontaneous acts of brotherhood became commonplace. Additional gratitude goes out to my fellow coach, Ms. Shearer along w/ Monica Roberts and Ben Horton for their invaluable assistance throughout the season.

Coach Charlton

Track begins in the fall on the second day of school. High School students (7-12) may participate and compete as long as an academic 2.0 GPA is maintained. The top 10 best boys and top 10 best girls on the squad will travel to the NCASB Track championships to represent OSSB.

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OSSB Outstanding Boy Track Athletes
Donald Stewart 2015
Sam Shepherd 2010
Chris Cifone 2009
Corey Grandstaff 2006
Bob Scott 1994
Brian Rust 1996
Mike Letterman 1992

OSSB Outstanding Girl Track Athletes
Katie Robinson 2007

Ohio Track Athletes Voted as NCASB Outstanding Track Athlete by the NCASB Coaches
Donald Stewart 2015
Sam Shepherd 2010
Chris Cifone 2009
Corey Grandstaff 2006

Boys Track Stars Class-A
Boys Track Stars Class-B
Boys Track Stars Class-C

Girls Track Stars Class-A
Girls Track Stars Class-B
Girls Track Stars Class-C


High School (7-12) students may participate in wrestling. Competition occurs in the winter of the school year and is scheduled with teams from other state schools for students with visual impairments. Academic eligibility requires a 2.0 GPA for participation.

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