Transition to Life Camp

Transition to Life Camp is a 4 week camp running from June 4-June 30 (excluding weekends). This camp will be for young adults ages 18-22. Completed packets are due to Tami Fisher by February 17, 2017.
Transition to Life Camp Application 2017

Career Connections Camp

Career Connections Camp is a 2 week camp running from June 4-June 16 (excluding weekends). This camp will be for students ages 14-17. Completed packets are due to Tami Fisher by February 10, 2017.
Career Exploration Application 2017

OSSB STEP Program Application

OSSB STEP Program 2017-18 PictureThe Ohio State School for the Blind is excited to announce the job readiness program, STEP, for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. We have developed a year-long comprehensive job skills training and Expanded Core Curriculum program for students with visual impairments who have decided to defer their diploma. Job readiness is taught in the community at various internships selected based on the students’ interest and skill set. The students continue their skill development by living in dorms on campus during the week. We are looking for students who are motivated and want to be competitively employed upon completion of this program. Please click on the link for additional information and contact information.
OSSB STEP Program Application

OSSB Podcast

Vocational students at the Ohio State School for the Blind have been hard at work creating a monthly podcast that is helping them learn skills such as interviewing, recording, editing and creating a final audio product. We invite you to check out our page for new and archived podcasts as new topics are covered each month. Listen to the podcasts at

Goalball Teams

Dear Panther Fans:

The 2016 goalball season was exciting.  The OSSB goalball panthers participated in three goalball meets.  We traveled to Kentucky and Tennessee and held our NCASB conference in St. Louis, at Missouri School for the Blind.  The boys team finished fifth and the girls finished sixth.

OSSB Goalball TeamWe got to see students grow and mature on and off of the court.  They worked hard and were dedicated to becoming stronger individuals and increase the overall power of the team.  All of our athletes met or surpassed their personal goals.  We look forward to having another outstanding season in 2017.

Aiden Carter is a hard worker, always showing up to practice ready to go.  He contributed very much to the team with his enthusiastic attitude, and scoring a goal at the Kentucky day meet.  Cameron Conant has grown incredibly and worked hard during this goalball season and has placed specific focus on his running abilities. Awat Rage also did very well in practice and the Kentucky day meet.  He learned about making good choices to create great outcomes. Jason Tolle was one of the new faces on the varsity team.  He grew a lot this year and continues to focus on his strengths in anticipation of next season!  Caiden Hooks is very methodical in his approach to playing goalball.  He has set a goal to increase the power of his throw.  Caiden made some tremendous blocks this season.  Alex Crawford is always prepared when it is game time.  He did whatever was asked of him and always gave it his best.  Thomas Alfred worked hard all season.  He wanted to continue to specialize his skills and worked to master his skip throw this season. This hard work paid off and led to many goals for the Panthers.  Ryan Chandler led the team this year as center. He distributed the ball well and played a vital role in helping younger team members learn the rules of the game. His leadership was appreciated.  Our most valuable player Brandon Mason did whatever needed to be done.  His goals were to make the A squad or play center on the B squad.  Brandon was able to do both this year.

OSSB Women Goalball TeamFor the Women’s Goal Ball Team, we welcomed three new players! These new members  joined the veterans Yaqi, Maggie and Autum. Asia provided power at left wing, while Sarah excelled at right wing. Maggie was a key player in this group leading the Panthers to top quality play during games! Lalita provided scoring ability with those quiet balls she is so good at throwing. Our MVP and captain, Yaqi provided leadership, encouragement, knowledge and skill to a young developing team. Thanks girls for a great season!                                
To celebrate the many successes of the season, the goalball teams had a pizza party at OSSB.

Dan Kelley and Kim Picard

OSSB in CEC DVI Quarterly

Check out OSSB in CEC DVI Quarterly on pg. 38:Summer in Columbus at The Ohio State School for the Blind